Decorative Aston Martin set

British silversmith Grant McDonald, plans to help us organize our holiday celebrations, in a very unique way ...

He spoke to revealed Aston Martin Martini Set, after the premiere of the new James Bond film. Of course, this set is a limited edition, which comes with a collector 1:30 scale model of the famous DB5 model, which is made of flawless silver. Called 100 Timeless Collection, it is a deliberate reference to the one-hundredth anniversary of the Aston Martin brand, and would be a perfect gift to all fans of the automotive companies.

And models and martini set are limited to one hundred pieces. Martini set is decorated with 24-carat gold, and consists of two martini glasses, two toothpicks for olives and a shaker, which has an interesting pattern that reminds us of the details of carbon fiber, which Aston Martin brand used in its modern cars.

This set weighs about a one kilograms, and it tooke more than 30 hours of manual labor for its making.


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