Enjoy spring and summer charm in your own home

Add a touch of color to your home with these luxurious creations…

If you haven't managed to get hold of the Dior Maison Toile De Jouy Rouge range, the fashion house has just launched a new collection called Granville, which is now available for purchase. The line consists of refreshed pieces from their Home collection, dressed in spring-inspired creations.

"Above all, I like to memorize the names and descriptions of flowers," Mr. Dior wrote in his memoirs. As part of his favorite memories from the family villa in Normandy, designer Cordelia de Castellan created styles that accentuate the beauty of nature. The series of plates, cups, small trays and hand-painted glasses comes in shades of amethyst, emerald or blue-gray. In addition, vases, delicate boxes and monochrome candlesticks made of Murano glass complete this line.

You can see the entire collection in the gallery, and know that the prices range from 110 to 490 dollars.

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