Evolution of nature in stone

Naoto Fukasawa will sign “Unveil”, the refined exhibition for the Milan Fuori Salone 2016 event of GEOLUXE, part of the SCG Group, among the leading ASEAN conglomerates.

At the Fuori Salone, GEOLUXE  (by SCG Group) presents the new versions of its unique Pyrolithic® Stone, a breakthrough material with the noble beauty of natural marble and superior technical performance, made from a complex mixture of mineral-based materials through a patented GeoMimicry® Forming Technology which enables realistic marble-like veins throughout slab body.

Thanks to its perfect characteristics overcoming imperfections of natural stones and most of other surface materials, GEOLUXE® offers an ultimate combination of elegance and performance alongside low requirement of maintenance to be used for example for residential surfaces (kitchen, bathroom and living), counter top, swimming pool bar, etc.

The exhibition presents the new Eramo and Palizza stones, both presented in big slab of 140x320 cm with 20 mm. thickness, suitable for counter top. The first is inspired by Eramosa, a natural Canadian stone while Palizza reflects the Palizzandro, an Italian natural stone.

The refined Milan set-up will also present the 10 mm thickness (size 60x120 cm) ideal for wall coverings and floor surfaces. 

At the Fuori Salone exhibition Naoto Fukasawa will unveil GEOLUXE’s uniqueness through pureness and lightness, presenting the essential values of this outstanding material through the grace of his essential project approach, as he said: "In order to express the essence of GEOLUXE, I felt that having slices of stone that are cut from massive stones or having massive stones themselves could be a right metaphor. I created these sculptural pieces based on such a thought in my mind."

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