Gemanco design presents a new collection designed by Marco Piva

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More photos

After its premiere during the Design Week in Milan, at the Hus Milano exhibition space, Gemanco Design introduces a catalogue dedicated to a collection of resin wallpapers and mosaics designed by Marco Piva. The collection focuses on versatility and modularity of solutions, offering them in chromatic and aesthetic variations that create unprecedented and surprising combinations.

The new collection encompasses various themes, developing them through six gentle and linear geometric compositions with evocative palettes. Intense creativity, coupled with an elegant combination of shapes and colours, presents a metaphorical journey that delves into visual and chromatic architectures, creating an eclectic aesthetic.

"My encounter with Mr. Nicola Rubino and Ms. Anna Corallo from the Gemaco Design studio was almost accidental, a product of 'chosen closeness' and mutual understanding, it happened under the Apulian sun and in front of the crystal-clear sea. With Gemanco Design, we embarked on a journey of graphic imagination, material exploration, and the best production techniques for realizing a collection of decorative surfaces suitable for various applications: homes, hotels, work and meeting spaces, wellness areas. The Marco Piva collection offers different graphic scales and is characterized by textures and patterns of great elegance, defined chromatic choices, aimed at many possible solutions, and enriched surfaces sensitive to touch that enhance perception, not relying solely on visual elements. A joint journey with Gemanco Design has begun, where interior design extends to include 'Architectures,' seeking an unusual perceptual continuity," explains Marco Piva.

The mosaics are the result of a combination of digital printing and transparent resin. Wallpapers, available on 7 different substrates, utilize high-tech printing systems. The WaterProof System ensures their use in any type of environment (indoor and outdoor). Printing using state-of-the-art UV techniques guarantees customization of any type of medium. Customization includes images, colors, dimensions, and media, making any design unique.

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