Since the establishment of the manufactory, a trademark of Reichenbach porcelain is the fine gold pattern. 

Here you can have a look at the latest creations of their company, designed by Gerd Sommerlade. He revived old pieces from their archives or created new ones like the gleaming pumpkin vase and the opulent service.

In the proper sense of the word - “white gold” for the opulent tea table. The exquisite gold pattern is hand-painted by their painters.

Gerd Sommerlade ennobled the puristic white of the table service with a gold edge. The fine porcelain with the golden animals set elegant emphasis on the table.

The proud macaw is produced in this luxury company since 80 years now. Its shape points out the relation to the Art Déco. That is because the pattern suites to its birth decade- the “golden twenties”.

The elegant budgie stands out due to a beautiful, naturalistically designed plinth.

A gleaming watchdog for the special festive table.

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