How to Give Your Home a Touch of Luxury


Almost by definition, the home should be a place that provides luxury in abundance.

Even if you’ve dedicated yourself to a frugal existence, and you’re determined to keep the spending to an absolute minimum, you might still appreciate a home that looks expensive.

Fortunately, there are a few simple strategies you might adopt to make your home feel luxurious, even if you don’t have much cash to splash. Let’s take a look at what matters when it comes to home luxury.

Start with the exterior

So-called ‘kerb appeal’ starts with how your property looks from the street. A few decorative touches, a new driveway, a repainted porch and a solar lamp or two can all help to add thousands of pounds to the asking price. With the help of some treated timber and the right tools, you might even do some of the necessary work yourself.

Add more plants

One reliable way to add glamour and vitality to your interior is to introduce a few choice houseplants. Pick out the low-maintenance ones, and install them in prominent locations throughout the home. Houseplants have a proven ability to bolster your mood, and they help the place look more inviting and impressive, too. Real plants are better than fake ones, but if you know you won’t have time to look after the former, then the latter is still worth the investment.

Create more space

The more space you have in your interior, the larger it will feel. There’s no point in having a sprawling lounge if it’s hidden behind a mountain of junk.

This is where decluttering can be such a powerful practice. Make a habit of doing it every few months, to keep the problem under control. Go through the home, one room at a time, and split all of your possessions into three piles: the things you want to keep, the things you want to sell, and the things you want to bin. Be ruthless.

You might also free up space by upgrading your storage. Think about where you’re wasting space, and invest in the right bespoke solution to recapture that space. Made-to-measure wardrobes might make a great match for awkward ceilings and under-stair spaces.

Add some art

Your home should ideally convey a little something about your personality. Your taste in art is a great way to flaunt your personality. Think not just about the sorts of artworks you like to look at, but about what’s going to match with your décor.

Art can, to be sure, be an expensive business. But if you’re able to choose the right pieces, then their value will persist over time. Make sure that you’re picking works that fill the available wall space without dominating it.

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