Illusion of 3D wallpaper

Wallpapers are used to reflect elegance, modernity and style in design and decoration of every home...

Over time, they have become part of some aesthetic history that after some time again returned to fashion and presented us with ingenious graphic expression that can elevate every space with its beauty, style and pattern. Of the ordinary, so to speak, traditional designs, to that modern, futuristic and experimental wallpaper can be the perfect medium for creating a space like a fairytale, which will convert the room in which they were used into the world of your imagination.

With different designs, patterns, colors, materials and themes, wallpapers are now so diverse that it is impossible not to find something that you like and what suits your unique style. All details on the wallpaper vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and from topic to topic, can be customized and thus become the perfect expression of your style. Artists are creating wallpaper turned into a kind of art, where the wallpaper replaced easel.

Something like that is what you imagine this time. Front Design Company teamed up with Eco Wallpaper, to create a unique collection of wallpaper, which have three-dimensional effect. Their innovative designs are made pencil drawings, which are, in its favor, turning shadow on plain white background, which contributes to creating the illusion of depth.

Creative people who have worked on these designs were inspired by the wallpapers that are cut and which received a three-dimensional appearance when mounted on the wall. In order to present its final design, each template is drawn in pencil and creates the illusion of lard on paper.

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