In Vitro Unplugged - a lamp of timeless beauty and elegance

The In Vitro exterior lighting collection, designed by Philippe Starck and created for the Flos brand, has been refreshed with a new product…

Launched last year, the collection has now received a brand new In Vitro Unplugged model, which reveals to us a whole new face of the nomadic lantern concept in a portable version. In Vitro Unplugged, as the name suggests, does not ask you for any sockets or wires, providing you with total freedom of movement with it in your hands. It is a rechargeable lamp that can be easily transferred from one place to another thanks to its light construction and colored silicone handle.

The glass lamp looks empty inside, but magically illuminates its surroundings. The light emitted by the lamp is gentle, diffused and free of strong contrasts thanks to Edge Lighting technology, in which the LED diodes with a pointed tip are hidden by an opalescent diffuser.

In Vitro Unplugged is a dazzling but quiet companion that will allow you to enjoy a comfortable evening whenever you want. It is an elegant and decorative piece of lighting, which will bring a touch of beauty to your ambience, even during the day when it is not used.

“There is a paradox, a whiff of mystery in the In Vitro Unplugged lamp, something magical. It is empty inside, but it illuminates its surroundings as the most powerful source of energy – born out of nothing. It is the ultimate, timeless combination of discreet elegance and high technology ", explains its creator.

The In Vitro Unplugged lamp is available in seven textured finishes to fit perfectly with virtually any environment, and comes in wall, Bollard and hanging variants.

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