Famous brand Baccarat throughout this year celebrates 250 years of its existence, and continued with its design of the largest chandelier ever...

They are dedicated to creating the largest chandelier ever made in the history of this luxury company. While around the world they are celebrating their anniversary, they have also created this magnificent chandelier, which will be presented in Tokyo.

This magnificent chandelier is 8.38 meters tall and broad 4.57 meters and weighs 1.8 tons. Illuminated by 410 bulbs, 176 branches it shimmers with the help of 26,500 pieces of precious crystals. Currently it is presented in Yebisu Garden Palace and created by Japanese artist Yasumichi Morita. Renowned designer gave their touch this great creation, in the style of Baccarat brand.

Daniela Riccardo, executive director of the company, made a statement on the occasion of 250 years of the brand and its glorious heritage, "History of Baccarat brand goes way further from the memories of our ancestors. It is rare that any of the prestigious brands of our time has endless 250 years of history. "And on their latest creation, she said that the chandelier simply monumental and that is higher than the average three-storey building.

Certainly, this chandelier is designed to highlight the great hall of some of the largest villa that belonged to the richest person. New York Times says that this chandelier will be available for purchase when they are finished with the ceremony of marking their 250th brand anniversary. Riccardi added that she still does not know the exact price of this chandelier, but it will certainly be expensive. We can safely assume that this will be the most expensive Baccarat chandelier ever.

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