Light Symphony: Art and Innovation at Milan Design Week

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More photos

At Milan Design Week 2024, QU, an emerging lighting company, reaffirms its vision of light not just as a functional element, but as a true expressive medium capable of transforming spaces and influencing emotions through a new installation...

The installation, named 'Corpo Unico', focuses on the relationship between light and contemporary art by hosting a selection of works by the Turin sculptor Salvatore Astore.

This project, coordinated by Aldo Parisotto from Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, with artistic curation by the Mazzoleni gallery, London - Turin, and lighting consultancy by Light Company, proposes a path of discovery through the garden, greenhouse, and home interior rooms where the sculptural presence of steel works interacts with light in a dynamic balance.

The light, which alludes to the solar cycle and suggests its rotation, changes exactly as the sun would throughout the day, illuminating the work from one direction and projecting its shadow into the surrounding space. It will be cooler in tone when coming from midday and warmer as it starts with the sunset. Shadows shorten and extend, deform, and reveal new and emotional geometries of the works.

The installation also features a state-of-the-art soundtrack that offers a unique and synesthetic experience of sound and light.

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