LU Murano chandeliers - never same, always enchanting

Chandeliers by LU Murano brand are works of contemporary art - the results of endless experimentation and a perfect balance between glass and light...

They are hand-made and designed by masters Fabio Forsanier, who is responsible for creating a new level of elegance and sophistication in each of his work. Collections of this brand have a large number of significant models, which are fully transparent and available in various sizes and in more than 20 colors. However, each new creation broader portfolio of brands reveals new shapes and beautiful combinations that are revolutionary at the same time traditional.

CLUB chandelier, for example, is one of the most popular designs of the brand, with 60 different elements and adjustable design, is perfect for hotels, clubs, bars and private residences. Another piece of interesting attitude is Lungu chandelier, with an elegant profile which has three levels, with 36 elements of blown glass, 12 at each level.

LU Murano brand is always experimenting with new designs, and in the near future they will present its novelty made of carbon fiber. Now, this is just a prototype and is made of carbon fibers that are sprinkled into molds of the original LU chandeliers of blown glass. This feature will be ultra lightweight, weighing only 4 kg, while its glass equivalent weights to 40 kg. It will be right and perfect fusion of technology and art, using avant-garde materials and a strong sense of authenticity.

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