For its Voyage de Parfumeur scented candles line, LALIQUE has drawn its inspiration from the  Swallow, its emblem...

With the desire to beautify and refine space for the ones who yearn for unusual and exceptional, but at the same time luxurious, LALIQUE created “Voyage de Parfumeur” line of candles.

Inspiration for this collection was a swallow, moving bird, which travels the world trying to find the best place to live. People, who create perfumes, travel the world searching for the most beautiful and most romantic natural ingredients which would make their mixes of intoxicating notes richer. “Voyage de Parfumeur” collection gives scented exotic an opportunity to get inside the homes with elegance and luxury.

With this collection, consisting of 6 perfumed candles, LALIQUE combines perfumes with decorative crystal candle sticks and invites us on a scented journey through the most beautiful perfume ingredients from dream destinations all over the world.

These candles are luxury products created in France from one of the best essences mixed with high quality wax, which was provided by a former King Louis XIV provider.

Burning time is 50 hours.


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