Using a magical mixture of technology and organic aesthetics, Drift studio for design and art from Amsterdam created a set of beautiful chandeliers, named Shylights, which mimic a movement of the plant – opening and closing of her flowers in a hypnotic pase…

The plant, on whose appearance designers based this unusual set of chandeliers, is really called Nyctinasty, and its main characteristic is the light or dark reaction – spreading or narrowing the petals of its flower. These are the main movement Shylights collection mimics. The mechanism of these chandeliers is really simple – when it is activated, the flower cocoons come down to 9 meters, while the petals made of silk spread and show all of their natural beauty. The whole set is then lifted and continues to move on a programmed choreography.

These chandeliers are currently displayed in Amsterdam’s Rijkmuseum.

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