Make each your day perfect and pleasurable

In a serious situation, in which half the world works from home and sits in front of your computer screen all day giving up your own comfort, peace and tranquility are things that really gain in importance…

Believe it or not, scents, which are far more potent than words and have the power to completely change our mood, can help us achieve a calm state of mind, even when obligations push us harder against the wall, not allowing us to breathe deeply. In order to feel the aura of positivity and accept the beauty of the scent in every crisis situation, Italian brands Poltrona Frau and Acqua di Parma cooperated and presented us with a home diffuser which, of course, is not quite ordinary.

AIROUND Home Diffuser and its accompanying scent will not only improve your mood, but will also help you stay relaxed no matter what situation you are in at the moment, improving your sense of peace and your concentration. Created as the work of Stina Gam and Enrico Fratezi, this diffuser consists of a body and an exterior, and we can say that it even visually represents a real aesthetic sight for the eyes. Its body comes with technologically advanced elements, while the exterior is created from two hand-sewn leather discs, available in four different colours.

When it comes to its technical features, the diffuser can hold up to three scents in it at once: Milano, Buongiorno and Luce di Colonia, releasing them automatically. And not only that, when you are not at home, you can manage it with the accompanying application for your smartphone. The application allows you to perform the diffusion of fragrances by choosing the density and type of aroma. In addition, a car diffuser is available in the same leather case, but with a slightly smaller diameter, while it can be easily attached to the ventilation and help you start your day in the right way.

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