Marble as a major trend in kitchens around the world

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More photos

Trendy marble-looking plates are exactly what the new Marmory collection of Villeroy & Boch brand offers us…

Marble trend with the help of their new line is reaching another sphere of our lives, having previously conquered almost the entire universe of interior design. The distinctive, slightly translucent and shimmery appearance of marble with typical veins gets the perfect aesthetic with black and white. Pieces created with marble designs are far less complicated than pieces made from real marble.

In the new Villeroy & Boch collection, there are two-dimensional plates and a simple white mug available, both offered individually or as a set. As suggested by the brand's designers, the Marmory Collection looks best when combined with the Voice Basic line, which exudes minimalism and simplicity.

Modern lines, combined with functionality, make this trend truly irresistible.

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