Basic shapes and clean lines... The key to success of Skan collection is minimalism, but the functionality of the maximum brightness, which is connected in a contemporary design.

Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, Skan lamps have pure lines where the light is the main element, while the total volume is reduced to a minimum, and the form becomes almost invisible.

The design stems directly from the opportunities offered by the latest LED technology. The result: three unique models suitable for multiple applications.

Skan hanging lamps may be arranged individually or as a group, offering an elegant solution for lighting any type of activity indoors. The standard version of the lamp includes three elements lightly balanced on each other. Skan creates a warm and comfortable indirect light source, adding energy efficiency and high brightness performance.

With a design inspired by the flight of birds, version for reading contains a flexible hinge at the forefront of optical sensor to illuminate different corners of your LEDs. This allows the user to adjust the intensity of light with greater efficiency. Through its red, white and graphite gray tones, Skan integrate housing projects, public spaces, office buildings, hotels and offices where, his indomitable spirit, brings a modern touch.

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