Perfect addition to spring: new Dior Maison collection inspired by Brazil

The famous designer Christian Dior had an incredibly inspiring relationship with Brazil in his early years, and today, as a tribute to that passion, the brand's artistic director, Cordelia de Castellane, presents an exclusive collection of decorations inspired by Copacabana…

Consisting of bright and colorful pieces, the collection is characterized by beautiful leaves and delicate floral motifs, which are accompanied by magnificent raffia coasters. Vases, glass jars and other decorative pieces have been transformed into charming aquariums that carry exquisitely painted fish and corals. The end result is a collection that is an homage to the art of hospitality and entertainment, interwoven with the bohemian way of life.

Christian Dior's relationship with Brazil has never been trivial. He has always been inspired by the Brazilian joy of life and the vibrant colors that the country reflects, and many of his fashion ideas came from that connection, including different colors and dress patterns, which we could see in his Haute Couture collection Sao Paulo, Brazil and Soiree in Rio.

Today, 64 years after his death, the brand continues this incredible relationship by launching a collection filled with meaning, sophistication and intricacy.

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