Perfect clock for car afficionados

The famous Swiss watch brand L’Epee 1839, has just presented another amazing table clock that will delight car lovers…

After introducing the Balthazar robotic-themed desktop clock in collaboration with MB&F, L’Epee has now created a new iteration of its Time Fast D8 watch. The latest version of the table clock in the shape of a supercar was created in collaboration with the Label Noir studio.

With that, the Fast D8 table clock was launched for the first time two years ago. Based on a design by a student named Georg Foster, the L’Epee clock is inspired by a pre-war racing single-seater. It was initially launched in six different colors, designed to mimic the livery of race cars. However, Label Noir studio completely changed the look and feel of the table clock, giving it a matte black finish. Matte black ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) covers all parts of the watch, including the panels and the spring system.

The length of this table clock is slightly less than 38 cm. The 1855 MHD manual winding mechanism is located on the driver's seat and offers an energy reserve of eight days. The time can be adjusted by rotating the steering wheel counterclockwise. To wind it, you have to rotate the rear wheels backwards. Hours and minutes are shown on the side on two stainless steel discs, reminding us of a race car number. On the other side is the Label Noir logo done in yellow, as a perfect contrast to the black look of the watch. Only five copies of this model will be available for purchase, each of which will be individually numbered, and the price will be around 35,000 euros.

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