Perfect coffee from the perfect cup

Not fully satisfied with creating the perfect coffee cup, DEVIEHL takes the coffee drinking experience to new heights…

DEVIEHL,  crafter  of magnificent  and  unique  coffee  cups,  has  teamed  up with  Ross Kopi, master blenders of  the world’s most precious  coffee,  to  create what  is  surely the ultimate coffee drinking experience –  the blissfully sublime delight  of  sipping a wild Luwak espresso from a DEVIEHL cup.

As  part  of  their  collaboration,  DEVIEHL  and  Ross  Kopi  are  launching  an  exclusive limited edition set which includes a custom designed DEVIEHL Cocobolo espresso cup together  with  200g  of  Ross  Kopi’s  internationally  acclaimed  Sumatran  wild  Luwak coffee. 

According  to  Jonathan  Strauss,  DEVIEHL  coNfounder,    “Ross  Kopi’s  unparalleled attention  to  detail  not  only  produces  an  exquisite  coffee  but  one  that  is  fully consistent with fairNtrade and environmentally sound principals, issues we feel very strongly about”. 

“We are committed to crafting the very finest coffee in the world,” adds Ross Kopi chairman Matthew Ross. “Guaranteed wild Luwak from Sumatra is delicate, rare and exceedingly multiNfaceted.  Drinking  this  amazing  coffee  from  a  DEVIEHL  cup  is  the summit of coffee drinking pleasure. It has to be tried to be believed”. 

The DEVIEHL Ross Kopi set is available at Harrods in London, and leading luxury retailers globally.

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