This year's MCE in Milan will be enriched by a fresh new exhibitor – Zavar Design from Skopje, Macedonia and their high - end design product – stainless steel radiators.

When you see the Zavar Design's bold products, you might think they are sculptures. You want them in your home. You want their exquisite glint in your office. They are a statement of perfect taste and subtle luxury. But these works of art are also high-end engineering projects, as they are stainless steel radiators that are fully functional and are emitting heat with every piece of their immaculately designed body.

The design power behind this engineering extravaganza is Marta Naumovska – Grnarova, owner and managing director of Zavar Design, mechanical engineer with big passion for art and design. The artist in her could not forego the passion of creating. And the engineer could not let the designer design just a mask that would hide the seemingly ugly heating device.

It all started in 2004, and has since developed into 8 series - Drop, Identity, Atomic, Front, Tangent, Box, Alphabet and Bathroom. Each of them has a unique theme, and they all feature Marta's sophisticated design handwriting. They are sold in different countries all around the globe. Upon request, Zavar Design can also produce customized home accessories that accompany the design radiator and add further touches of modernity to the space.

Zavar Design exhibits at Hall 1 Booth L11. Between March 18 and 21, you can discover, touch and feel its sculptural radiators, and discuss buying other models. One thing you would not have expected, and that you don't see done by other designers, are the pieces from the latest collection Drop – basic idea of this collection is to combine the 11 basic drop forms in uncountable combinations where everyone will be able to have customized and unique piece of heating art.

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