Svad Dondi is a timeless 2014 collection, dedicated to the “modern tailoring“of highest quality „Made in Italy“...

Minimalistic, refined wind is present among all items; this is a collection made for homes that require durable products of great taste, and Svad Dondi is the perfect choice.

WINDSOR, BUCKINNGHAM and PIED-DE-POULE lines present summary of mood, kingdom and stricness. The texture of the collection is inspired by men's clothing of a modern prince, mixed with Pied-de-poule sheets and quilted covers, mixed with extravagant print designes of fishbone or paisley damask, cotton satin in the shades of steel or coffee.

The mood is back with FINISETA satin with precious marble prints, and also GESSATO and Principe DI GALLES, perfect in this mixture. EDMONDM, DERBY and DAMASCATO complete the collection, alongside eco fur pillows. For 2014, Svad Dondi focuses again on „luxury of quality“, for new age.

Svad Dondi is a brand that was founded in 1959 in Viadana, in the province of Mantua. Initially, production was based on pillows, but subsequently expanded to the world of home décor, with emphasis on production of beds. Today, the company expresses itself more daring and complete, with top concept of their household collection, offering a wide range of items and additional accessory for a perfect home.

Specialized in making textiles for bedroom use, Svad Dondi offered the world a modern concept, and in their collection also a wide range of accessories. Covers, sheets, products of plaid textile, pillows, diverse cotton fabrics, satin, jacquard, these are just some of the atributs that can be used to describe Svad Dondi.


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