According to Chinese zodiac, 2014 is a year of horse and, driven by this, Swarovski company also gave its seal...

Luxury crystal manufacturer celebrates this year by launching the Black Stallion, Exclusive Designer Edition 2014.

The black stallion, designed by Heinz Tabertshofer, symbolizes nobility, strength and freedom. Lead by respect of its unique shape, it is carved from an innovative blend of black crystals and carbon. The latest stallion from Swarovski family, with its shiny legs coated with black PVD metal, stands firmly on a base made of black granite.

This masterpiece, available for $8,025, is limited to only 888 numbered pieces. Each stallion is galloping with a signature of designer Heinz Tabertshofer engraved on black granite base. The authenticity and uniqueness of each piece was confirmed by the addition of a recognizable logo - Swarovski swan.

Black stallion, exclusive designer edition in 2014, comes packed in a premium blue suitcase, along with a certificate of authenticity.


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