The Anniversary collection: 10 years of Contemporary Wallpaper

2005 - Wall&decò was born from an intuition of Christian Benini, founder and creative director of the brand, originally advertising photographer. When reproducing an image with large leaves to use as background for a photo shoot, he immediately perceived the high decorative value and potential applications in the furnishing industry.

The suggestive background images immediately catch the attention of architects and designers. Wall&decò contributed in a short time to redefine the aesthetics of wall decoration: macro-subjects and representations with a high material content instead of repeated patterns and geometries of traditional wallpaper.  

The growth of the brand during the years does not change the handicraft vocation for unique products, developed ad hoc and adapted to each single project thus offering customised wall decoration solutions.

Anniversary: the 10 year-anniversary of the brand, celebrated through a capsule collection consisting of 10 graphics re-interpreted in a real style exercise.

The challenge: actualizing some subjects in order to be up-to-date with decor trends – reinterpretation of tones, colours, sizes and settings in a creative divertissement that compares the first with the latter.

Some themes of the earliest years of Wall&decò, such as Jungle flowers and  leaves, found once again today a natural place in the current trend of tropical patterns or specific elegant furnishing solutions reminiscent of the 50s.

An ironic re-interpretation of one of the iconic graphics of Wall&Decò is also presented -  Cherry Tree originates from a tree of essential shapes, a bark without leaves, and is reinterpreted by borrowing the cheerful vortex of parrots and butterflies from an original graphic, the Microcosmos. 

The leitmotiv of the collection: lively colours and intentionally indiscreet graphics. This is a remarkably European taste confirmed by the selection of new settings, where chromatic lightness enhances wall decoration which stands out as protagonist in the surrounding environment.

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