Antolini Natura Collection results from creativity, from knowledge and from the capability to extract finishings from stone, finishings that are full of incomparable energy and charm…

Unique items, emotions and feeling may result from nature. You have to know nature, to go beyond appearance. This is the only way for you to get from it the unimaginable beauty of all its shades. The new Antolini Natura collection is characterized by stone surfaces which change their outward appearance thanks to the special technique that succeeds in, with a refined accuracy, create endless optical plays from their uniformity.

Antolini Luigi & C. , always with a close eye on fashion trends, is anticipating a new style that strikes architects’ and designers’ fantasy, thus opening new horizons for soft arabesques, light and shade geometries, flowers in relief and minimal drawings delicately engraved on stone surfaces softened with exclusive finishes. The collection, made of different materials, is available in a wide range: Flora Design, Arabesco Design, Croco Design, Zebra Design, Wave Gold and Wave Silver Design that are embellished with the use of metal powders with gold and silver reflections.

New designs have been created by Antolini Internal Design Studio and by the internationally renowned designers Domenico De Palo and Alessandro La Spada. Thus, the textures were created, embellished by shining laces, soft arabesques that fascinate with their lines, game of lights and shades that run one after the other one endlessly, by floral reliefs with a little bit old-fashioned style. This collection is made of different materials and is available with a wide range of designs. Bubbles, Arabica, Leopard, Ali, Contatto and Replica Design are some of the new textures that are joining those already present in the catalogue: Wave, Croco, Zebra Design.

With Natura Collection, Antolini wants to offer a concept of precious surfaces made of granite and marble, which are at the same time and accessible to all, and yet are new luxury drawn from stone, whose new features are yet to be discovered and known...

Written by: Ana NEŠIĆ

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