Top trends in lighting design

Lighting is a key element of the design and architecture of a home...

Just like in fashion, trends in lighting regularly change. If you are looking for an easy way to give your home a new look, lighting refreshments can change it completely. We’re introducing the main trends in lighting for this year, presented by leading designers and trendsetters.

1. Improved Industrial style

One of the trends in lighting is an advanced Industrial style, which is something that is not very popular and trendy, but also represents a dose of sharpness with elements of sophistication. If you want to buy something in this style, look for pieces with rich colors, made of alternative metals. Do not be afraid of investment in this trend throughout the interior - this style will certainly be present next few years.

2. Flexible metal

Chandeliers that can change its shape, which are not rigid and do not have clearly defined shapes, are another trend that needs attention. Since each interior and each person responds slightly differently to its surroundings, this trend in design of chandeliers and lamps became more prevalent because it offers the ability to adapt to any environment.

3. Adjustable color

In addition to shapes, colors of light are something that can affect the appearance of your entire space, and quality of the light. Ability to change the illumination color will certainly come in handy, because it gives you the option to adapt to every possible mood and ambience.

4. Geometric lighting

Less is always more - both in fashion and in interior design. Geometric lighting, which has been one of the major trends for a long time, has an appearance which is reminiscent of minimalist aesthetics, but is not intended only modern and contemporary interiors.

5. Inspired by nature

As the era of green technology and eco-friendly design definitely managed to infiltrate into all spheres of our life, the lighting was a logical next step in its development. Pieces of light now have forms, colors and motifs reminiscent of nature, refreshing your home and giving it a more pleasant appearance.


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