Traditional Chinese set

Given the fact that the gala dinners are practically a mandatory part of the season that we’ve approached, elegant tableware has become a necessity...

Rhythm of Lattice set of accessories has as its main inspiration the template on windows and doors classical Chinese garden. As work Artilize Worldwide of Taiwan, this collection takes traditional forms and translates them into a uniquely composed, cosmopolitan table setting.

The hybrid material, from which this set is made, is a combination of traditional Chinese porcelain, enamel and metal. It is new, satisfying the aesthetic side, and incredibly powerful.

When we refer to aesthetics, this set offers you a new visual experience - in all the pieces of this set can be enjoyed on the bottom, top and left or right side. For example, the traditional model gaiwan, the lid and container are of the same size, and they are seamlessly connected, in a very elegant manner. Gaiwan actually represents traditional Chinese tea cups, consisting of the lid, cup and saucer.

Gaiwan in this collection is presented as a resistance towards tradition. A cup and its cover are emphasized by different forms on their fringes. Although this series is designed to function as a whole, looking at the practical side, it offers customers the option of purchasing individual pieces and combining them in different ways.

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