Unique ceramics with marble effects

Start-up MW design studio in Cape Town led by Michaela Webster, as its specialty presents handmade ceramics with marble effect...

This studio was founded in 2014, when Michaela started her adventure with ceramics, after completing her studies in Industrial Design. She began an internship in a company engaged in the production of ceramics, and there she mastered glazing, manufacturing and other processes.

Working with molds became a favorite Mihaela’s techniques, so she started her experiments at home, along with her mother. Thus, she revealed her technique of manufacturing ceramics with marble effect, which is unique and special. Each piece from collections she creates by hand, which only adds to the exclusivity of these pieces, because handmade pieces are really appreciated in today’s design world.

Browse through our gallery and see for yourself what kind of creativity and ability we’re actually talking about...

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