VG - new decorative collections and trends

VG is a brand that has become part of the national and international market due to its constant interest in innovation and refined detail...

Thanks to these qualities, the company has become one of the leaders in the sector of interior design, which has had a large number of cooperation with celebrities, as well as a large number of sales outlets, both in Italy and abroad.

VG is a brand that perfectly uses its extensive sales network to promote their interesting new products, which today is highly respected and renowned worldwide. They have a showroom of 1,000 m2 in which their customers and clients often provide an opportunity to see some spirit and philosophy of the company, while enjoying the latest offer brand. This time, they represent their new collection...

“Camaleonte” Chandelier 

Just like the mysterious reptile that changes colour adapting to the surrounding environment, Camaleonte candelabra is suitable to meet any kind of needs time by time. It is a modular candelabra: one single element may live a life of its own on a table ready for a romantic dinner, as well as combined with numerous elements for the most important events. The candelabra, made of mouth-blown glass, has a magnet base and a metal plate which make it easy to install and remove, even in just one single day! It has been created to be used during events, weddings and ambientazioni contract. two measures are available: h. 50 e h. 70 cm. 

The “Andy” ceramic vases and lamps collection 

VG presents a collection of classic sculptures which revisits the techniques of pop art. The original work is taken apart; a few details are then removed and highlighted, becoming the main features of the new object. This is an ambitious project, taking its inspiration from some of the most famous images in Italian art. The collection presents vases and lamps with ceramic base. In the pictures: Vase OBICE – Giunone Nose in black, Vase OBICE - DAVID mouth in white, Vase OBICE – DAVID ear in white. 

“Mocenigo” Collection

This collection of vases is named after one of Venice’s most distinguished families, and is dedicated to the city and its history of crafting beautiful glassware. These objects evoke the atmosphere of Venice at sunset, with the tints of the setting sun reflected on the water: a palette of strong colours which typified the world of pop art. Made from hand-blown glass with gold particles , the Mocenigo vase is available in the following colours: black, white, green, moss green, orange, bright red, electric blue and gray. 

“VELVET” Collection 

Being inspired by the great tradition of italian fabrics,in particular by venetian velvets of 14.century,VG clothes items in velvet,thus creating a second skin on them. Smooth hands stream down sinuose shapes in bright colours : red,blue,green and white.

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