What is 2016 bringing us in bathroom decor world?

Although this year is still not officially over, the trends for next year already debuted in the magazines and design blogs...

What will we be having as bathroom décor next year? Well, we can say that much has changed. This time, we bring you the most popular trends for the coming year, which will overwhelm you.

1. Metals

Next year, metal as a trend, is back in full force. Although we saw small details in the form of brass during this year, 2016 brings the metal in all versions, which will be represented to a greater extent. Together with brass, gold, silver, platinum, stainless and brushed steel, being the most popular finishing touches in luxurious bathrooms. Get bold brass faucets or change doorknobs and handles in your bathroom cabinets, giving them a fresh metallic look.

2. Stones and Minerals

Another beautiful trend that we’ll have a chance to see is the use of natural stone and materials, but not only for decorative purposes. They appear next year as functional objects, in the form of polished stone sinks for example, instead of standard porcelain design. Also, the decor in this style will be strongly represented - stone bench near a bathtub, or a chair covered with Poliana minerals. If your budget allows, consider the option of integrating luxurious marble baths, and baths with natural stone.

3. Greenery

Green bathroom appeared as a bold concept this year, but in 2016 this trend will become a key element of any modern space. Plants that can be used in your bathroom are very diverse, so your hands are untied. If you are a little bolder and braver, consider adding an entire green wall or garden your bathroom.

4. Dramatic colors

If you are tired of the "traditional" white and beige bathrooms, then you're in luck. Next year, dramatic colors will again be the main trend. Black tiles and bold colors will be used in the bathroom, for the sake of creating a dramatic effect and strong contrasts. This means that in your bathroom, you can use bright colors, even in the accessories. Do not be afraid of dark and rich tones, if you want to create a glamorous and dramatic space.

5. Floral pattern

Well, floral patterns are no longer kitsch: more precisely, are now in the trend! Big, small, colorful and gentle - flowers are coming this season as a big hit. In addition to real flowers that you can use for decor, add a few items with floral patterns, such as a towel, a shower curtain or a segment plate.

6. Pink in all its nuances

Ladies who love this color will be thrilled. Embrace your feminine side and add details of pink - bright, flashy or subtle pink color will be a big hit in your bathroom. For luxury bathrooms, do not be afraid to make the most of this color - pink towels, rugs, cabinets, window frames, wallpaper ... it's now allowed!

7. Personalization

Much more important than monitoring any of these incredible, and perhaps somewhat unexpected trends, is to add your personal touch the bathroom or any other room in your home. There is no greater luxury of originality and authenticity. Whatever you prefer, be original and always present yourselves in every detail!

End of 2015 is slowly approaching, and next year is coming around faster and faster. After the New Year celebrations, these trends will be a hit - and you now have an advantage and can be thoroughly prepared for them!

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