Delicacy and Fragility of Flowers in the New Wallpaper Collection for SpaghettiWall

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More photos

The Paradise Lost wallpaper collection, curated by Lorena d'Ilio for SpaghettiWall, brings traces of nature into interior design...

"The creative journey and research related to these wallpapers stem from introspection and a sense of spiritual connection with flowers whose scent, colors, and texture I have always loved," says the designer and founder of the Milan-based studio Mamo, who defines herself as a "digital painter" and a trend researcher, including colors for the fashion and furniture industries.

Five themes - "XXL Glow," "Chrysalis in Motion," "Dancing Together," "Flower Clouds," and "Ephemeral Archive" - are the result of an artistic process developed in different phases. The first phase involves creating photographic images where the morphology of flora is zoomed in to produce exciting and detailed macro shots. "Like a microscope, I observe the lymph of flowers and imagine reading their DNA," comments Lorena d'Ilio, who then transfers the shots to a digital scenario, stylizing them, because "my great fear is that one day all this beauty might disappear, and from that idea, I created correlations of extinct and decomposed flower species that, through digitization, change and take on other forms; they multiply, modify in an infinite process. Here, the delicate contours of the petals appear as light traces that are redrawn and, in the final step, personalized by introducing color, sometimes full and deep, sometimes dotted following only the contours. The hand-painted patterns are sophisticated and cultural because they release the metaphor of the natural world subjected to "several stages of observation, capturing a delicate and fragile moment of vulnerability exposed to the light."

These patterns cover interiors and can be used to create entire walls or panels used as decorative canvases even overlapping each other. Finally, the very high-resolution printing enhances the intensity of the textures designed by Lorena d'Ilio for SpaghettiWall, customizable in various color variants and available on seven media with different properties for application in various types of spaces, even in direct contact with water.

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