A brand that is primarily known for producing crystals, Swarovski, has teamed up with award-winning interior designer Joyce Wang...

They have, as a duo, created a special and spectacular artwork in the form of crystal chandelier. But do not think that this is a very ordinary light decoration for your home. This chandelier with oval shape contains 60 Swarovski spikes and 300 Swarovski beads, thereby creating the kaleidoscope effect when it is turned on. This art piece is titled Oculus and the inspiration for the name came from the Roman and Byzantine oculus, which was then part of the architecture. The oculus, or eye, was just a hole in the wall or ceiling, through which light passed in a closed dome. Oculus as creation is definitely something unique and very easy to be compared with De Majo category Quattro Stagioni chandelier.

Joyce Wang is known for altering the traditional architecture and concepts in a way that still leaves plenty of room for individual interpretation. She works on designing interiors and furniture for residential and commercial spaces, and this is her most glamorous chandelier creation so far.

This chandelier has otherwise been officially unveiled at the Art Fair in Hong Kong last weekend.

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