Introducing the Latest Wallpaper Collection by WallPepper®/Group

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More photos

Experience the excitement of WallPepper®/Group's brand-new wallpaper collection, as they redefine inspiration with their unique and captivating designs. Speaking in diverse and original languages, these wallpapers create an emotional connection through stunning graphics.

The new catalogue not only celebrates wall decoration as a creative tool for enhancing indoor and outdoor spaces in residential or commercial projects, but also emphasizes the durability and safety of WallPepper®/Group products. They offer versatile solutions to meet various needs.

The 2023 catalogue has undergone a layout and conceptual redesign, allowing you to explore each graphic in detail. With different setting ideas, color proposals, and close-up shots of the designs, the collection presents a plethora of amazing images to inspire your desired space and set the desired atmosphere.

The new collection offers an increasingly diverse range of original and unique suggestions, including a dedicated Kids section. It reaffirms the distinctive qualities that make WallPepper®/Group products stand out: high-quality and eco-friendly materials, customized production, the ability to personalize colors and designs, and the freedom to choose from different solutions tailored to specific project requirements.

With its custom-made wallpapers, WallPepper®/Group continues to amaze. Prepare to be captivated by shapes, colors, dreamlike suggestions, travels, adventures, geometries, perspectives, nature, landscapes, and textured materials. Through sustainable and innovative materials, WallPepper®/Group transforms the vertical dimension into an exciting storyboard, where artistic and technical elements converge, creating a special ambiance in residential, commercial, and exhibition spaces.

WallPepper®/Group Materials

All the graphics featured in the catalogue can be printed on various materials from the range:

  • WP/Smooth TNT: 100% eco-friendly material ideal for interior decoration.
  • WP/Suede: Stain-resistant PET, offering a sustainable alternative to PVC.
  • WP/SRC Vinyl coated TNT: A material with a unique textured finish.
  • WP/Metallic Gold or Silver: Luminous wallpapers that add a touch of elegance.
  • WP/Strong: Highly durable material suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • WP/H2O: Water-resistant material perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • WP/OFF: Outdoor wallpaper for exterior decor.
  • WP/Acoustic: Sound-absorbing and partly sound-insulating wallpaper designed to improve acoustic comfort.

WallPepper®/Group has obtained the important IMO/MED certification, making their wallpapers suitable for the nautical and shipbuilding industries.

Furthermore, all coated materials have antibacterial properties, ensuring comfort, safety, and security in any space.

Discover the world of WallPepper®/Group, where they go beyond just wallpaper.

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