LATOxLATO presents the Inkiostro Bianco wallpaper collection

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More photos

The design studio of Francesco Breganze de Capnist and Virginia Valentini is collaborating for the first time with the Italian brand specializing in artistic decorative wallpapers.

LATOxLATO is stepping into the world of wallpaper design for the first time through a collaboration with Inkiostro Bianco, the Italian brand specialized in decorative wall coverings that merge art, architecture, and design. The result is a series of evocative metaphysical wallpapers that depict urban visions and envelop spaces in an ethereal, dreamlike, yet dynamic dimension.

This marks an original interpretation and contribution to Inkiostro Bianco's Flow line, characterized by fluidity, rhythmic shapes, and colours, aimed at breaking the boundaries and rigidity that often press upon us in today's life. "We are thrilled with this collaboration with a company like Inkiostro Bianco, an authentic laboratory of ideas that granted us full trust and great creative freedom. It's as if we could paint our vision on a blank canvas. At any scale we work on, from buildings to furniture complements and now wallpapers, we love combining architectural elements with a metaphysical atmosphere," stated the founders of LATOxLATO.

The common thread running through the four designs the studio created within the Flow line is contemplating the relationship between interior and exterior in architecture. The graphics of Archscape and Metropolis evoke the city from the perspective of those who prefer to observe it from afar, within the comfort of their homes, depicting volumes, stairs, windows, lights, and shadows projected onto building walls, capturing the bustling yet almost mystical and dreamy metropolis.

On the other hand, Bossage and Coffer Mania invite a closer inspection. It's akin to strolling through urban streets and, drawn by the light emanating from a room, daydreaming about the environment and the people populating it, allowing the imagination to wander into an unreal and floating dimension.

As with every LATOxLATO project, colour exploration is essential, with tones conceived for universal wallpaper use in both domestic and commercial spaces. Sophisticated cool and warm shades create effects of light and shadow. Each design is available in various colour variations, facilitating its integration into any type of setting and harmonization with diverse interior styles.

"The contribution of LATOxLATO to the Flow line is very intriguing due to the originality of the design and the impressive effect of the urban and metaphysically inspired graphics. In our work, we always strive to evoke emotions. Flow was created to provide backgrounds that allow each individual to express their own way of existence, and the collaboration with LATOxLATO has enriched the line with exciting and sophisticated beauty," concludes Lorenzo Bragato, Commercial Director and co-owner of Inkiostro Bianco.

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