Rio - A New Addition to the Fabbian Collection

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More photos

Designed by Filippo Protasoni, Rìo is the latest among the many new releases by Fabbian...

Experimenting with light is in Fabbian's DNA: from a technical perspective, research is conducted into the light source, how it is diffused, and the resulting effect; from an aesthetic standpoint, the brand constantly creates different forms for the body containing the light source. These two complementary aspects influence each other, giving equal importance, with the creativity of the designer contributing the skill of observing "inconvenient" details (such as the power cable) and translating them into distinctive elements.

As is often the case, this creativity draws inspiration from nature. As you probably know, Rìo is a long river that flows towards the open sea, and the Rìo lamp consists of just a few essential elements; the structure and the power cable evoke the watercourse as it searches for the sea, and the light source represents a new beginning. The light is directed upwards and illuminates the space evenly.

The Rìo collection consists of a floor lamp whose structure is made of steel and aluminium, painted in white, anthracite, or Corten, with the power cable covered in fabric running along the structure. The diffuser is made of opal PMMA, and the light source is a high-efficiency LED with integrated power supply and dimming capability.

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