Tradition and Contemporary Design: "Design Meets Sicily" Collection

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Throughout history, ceramics have played a crucial role in everyday life, from practical items to works of art...

In Sicily, the traditional use of ceramics dates back centuries, where each piece told its own story, woven into the culture and history of the island. In the spirit of preserving this rich tradition, the "Design Meets Sicily" collection presents a contemporary view of elements and characteristics of traditional Sicilian culture. This collection, entirely produced in Italy with the help of skilled craftsmen, combines the old and the new in a unique expression of art and design.

The collection consists of 12 porcelain plates decorated using the fascinating decal technique. The graphics depict some of the most beautiful floor plans of Sicilian Baroque churches. A careful selection was made through extensive research in the library, paying homage to the architectural heritage of Noto, the designer's hometown. On the back of each plate are holes for hanging on the wall, following the Sicilian tradition. Moreover, in the center of each plate, the collection name, church, and designer are depicted.

High-quality porcelain is processed in the manufacturing district of the province of Florence, ensuring attention to every detail and quality. This collection is not just a set of items for use or decoration; it is a journey through the history and culture of Sicily, brought to life in a contemporary context. Each plate is more than ordinary tableware; it is a work of art that tells a story of a rich heritage and the beauty of Sicilian architecture.

"Design Meets Sicily" is a perfect example of how traditional art can be reinterpreted in modern design, breathing new life into old shapes and motifs. This collection reflects respect for tradition and at the same time an innovative approach that brings a fresh breath to classic motifs. It is a fusion of beauty and functionality, where each plate becomes a part of a story that continues to unfold in the homes and hearts of those who appreciate them.

Through "Design Meets Sicily," traditional Sicilian ceramics are reborn, providing inspiration and enjoyment for generations to come. This collection is not just a tribute to Sicilian heritage; it is a window into a world where the past and present meet, creating something entirely unique and timeless.

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