1939 Rolls Royce Wraith

With its length of 5.35 meters represents a permanent royal choice giving its passengers utmost convenience of its Royal size.

Manufactured with aluminum body, it has been entrusted by the most famous coachbuilders company HJMulliner & Co. Within three years of production, only 491 vehicles of different coach-builders (James Young, Park Ward, Freestone & Weeb) were produced...

The front part is dedicated to the chauffeur and front passenger, while the rear boasts impressive space for travelers used for maximum splendor. The power sliding glass allows travelers to enjoy complete privacy in conversation, while sophisticated interior is appointed in wood and Connolly leather, emphasizing elegance and comfort.The first owner of this five-seat sedan was Sir Ian Walker (of Johnnie Walker Whiskey fame), and subsequent proud owner was Mr. Al Fayed, famous owner of London’s iconic Harrods department store.

This esclusive car was the most recent winner of the Concourse d’ELEGANCE LJUBLJANA 2013

For roadside care company PROSPHERUS Ltd. from Ljubljana.

Engine: inline 6, 4250 cc, 100 hp, 145 km / h

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