25 best supercars in the past 100 years

From the early Rolls Royce model to the modern Pagani, these iconic four-wheelers continue to ignite our imagination…

We will admit: choosing the best high-performance cars is a difficult task, as it is very subjective in itself - what you like can be mediocre for someone else and vice versa. What drives one person's "engine" can leave another completely indifferent. However, despite all that, we are quite sure that our latest list includes dream machines that steal the fantasies of many hard core fans of four-wheelers.

Many of these models were affordable when they were new, but now they have stratospherically high prices. Some of them were untouchable, while others were within reach of ordinary mortals. All models from our list are desirable collectibles, and each of them offers an exciting experience behind the wheel, in its own way.

Listed chronologically, with the first year of production in most cases, these cars will leave you breathless, eager for adventure and open road. Twenty-five of the best supercars in the last hundred years are waiting for you in our gallery.

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