4 features of modern cars that make driving a luxury

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From performance to style and comfort, there’s no greater feeling than getting behind the wheel of a brand-new car.

Many modern vehicles, particularly those powered by electricity, now come with a variety of features that make driving a much easier and more comfortable experience.

But what should you look out for? Below are four features that make can make driving more luxurious.

Temperature controlled seats

With luxury vehicles, comfort is key. Heated seats are the epitome of comfort, providing some much-needed warmth on those cold winter mornings. Some cars even come with a heated steering wheel.

Many luxury cars also have a cooling feature built in. This means you’ll be able to slip into a cool and refreshing seat on those days when the sun is beating down on your car. This is particularly valuable if your seats are made from leather.

Adaptive cruise control

The majority of the features that make driving more pleasant are also intended to improve safety. High-end electric cars like the MG4 EV now come with adaptive cruise control (ACC), a feature that automatically measures the distance between your car and the one in front using cameras and sensors.

If the sensors detect the car in front has changed its speed, ACC will adjust the speed of your vehicle accordingly. This helps you to maintain a safe distance from the car in front, which is particularly useful in high traffic where cars will constantly be moving and stopping.

Night vision

The 360-degree camera is now a common feature in cars, allowing you to observe your surroundings and easily identify obstructions on the road. Sometimes these even park the vehicle for you!

Night vision is not so common and is an extension of the panoramic camera. This enables you to see everything in front of you at night, including pedestrians, cyclists and other normally hard-to-see objects.

Much more than just extra lights or a backup camera, night vision ensures you have a peaceful ride when the sun goes down – it’s also automatically enabled once it starts to become dark outside.

Entertainment system

Long gone are the days of keeping CDs in your car or constantly having to tune the radio. High-end vehicles now come with their own touchscreen or entertainment system with Bluetooth, where you can store all of your favourite playlists.

Some even allow you to set the mood in the car, including the interior lighting and temperature. Also, you can input your designated location and find a detailed route displayed on the screen to help direct you, avoiding heaving traffic and blocked roads.

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