A classic Bentley model transformed into a modern miracle that runs on electricity

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The workshop claims it is the rarest classic car converted into an all-electric variant...

Lunaz Design continues to deliver on its promise to electrify the world's best classic cars. British electro-conversion specialists have just unveiled their latest creation, the 1961 Bentley S2 Continental. The beautiful coupe is one of only four examples that have survived to this day, prompting Lunaz to call it the rarest classic car converted into an all-electric variant.

The S2 Continental dates back to an era when select independent coachbuilders were still producing luxury car bodies on Bentley-supplied "rolling chassis," says Lunaz. This particular example was supposed to be a four-door sedan, but its original owner changed his mind at the last minute and opted for a coupe instead. It's unclear who currently owns the car or how they acquired it, but what is clear is that they wanted it to be converted into an EV.

To do this, Lunaz completely disassembled the vehicle and then rebuilt it to today's standards. The biggest change, of course, was swapping the factory 6.2-liter "L Series" V-8 for one of the modular electric powertrains, which includes high-quality Tier 1 OEM batteries and motors. The zero-emissions setup produces 395 hp, 718 Nm of torque and is powerful enough that the vehicle can now sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds. It was also fitted with driver-tuned coil spring suspension with a lever damper, while it was also fully repainted and upholstered.

"In its new guise, the electrified S2 Continental is the rarest vehicle ever to be converted into an all-electric drive and the most exclusive project we've ever undertaken at Lunaz Design: it's literally one-of-a-kind," founder David Lorenz said in a statement. "This car is also a further demonstration of our proven process and re-cycling technologies, developed entirely at our Silverstone factory, which are fast becoming the de facto gold standard for electrification projects involving the world's most prestigious marques."

Unsurprisingly, Lunaz isn't saying how much the S2 Continental conversion costs. However, given the rarity of the base vehicle, we'd expect the figure to be quite high. The workshop's most common conversion project, the classic Range Rover, starts at £245,000 (or about $297,000), and we wouldn't be surprised if an electric Bentley costs exponentially more.

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