Audi presents Activesphere - a unique luxury SUV concept

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Audi has unveiled its Activesphere concept, the fourth vehicle in its "sphere" fleet of futuristic, autonomous, all-electric prototypes, following several teasers that hinted at some sort of coupe-style SUV…

The Audi Activesphere Concept is a revolutionary all-electric vehicle that combines sporty design with versatility and advanced technology. Based on the PPE modular system, this car features 800V fast charging technology, with a range of 600 kilometres. One of the most unique features of this model is its "variable rear architecture", which includes a trunk similar to an American pickup truck in which large objects can be transported, along with an AR system that allows improved controls and 3D topographical graphics broadcast in real time.

The concept also features adaptive air suspension and is said to be a distant successor to the first Audi Allroad wagon model from the 2000s, as it was designed with off-road adventures and comfortable cruising in mind, just like the A6. It is based on an EV platform jointly developed by Audi and Porsche, the Premium Platform Electric, with plans to debut this year. According to the brand leaders, we can easily expect to see elements of the Activespehere model in future Audi variants.

However, what's even more interesting than its off-road specs is its interior. Just like other Sphere concepts, the Activesphere is designed from the inside out, which is safe to say evident. "The epitome of clarity and neatness" - this is how the leaders of this brand describe their latest concept, which includes a steering wheel with a set of instruments and pedals that can be hidden from the driver's view when the car is in autonomous mode. The four individual seats are created as an extension of the tall, full-length centre console, which seems to float in the air.

Another interesting feature of the Activesphere is its headrests with mixed-reality options, which can project various information for the driver and passengers, such as navigation, multimedia content and much more - while every element broadcast is interactive.

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