Meet the 2013 Bentley Continental GTC V8 Beverly Hills edition, inspired by “Tiffany Blue...”

If you live in Beverly Hills, owning a Bentley is par for the course with a model parked at every corner. So how do people of means manage to maintain their exclusivity? They turn to O’Gara Coach Beverly Hills, who recently commissioned a pair of V8 GTCs in a unique shade of Celeste Pearlescent, inspired by the iconic color of Tiffany & Co.

Other exclusive touches include a Linen-Beluga interior and a personalized tread plate plaque that reads “Beverly Hills Limited Edition.”International clients of the firm can attest to the fine quality and luxury that these cars have and this car is no different with its Tiffany Blue paint job, making it stand out from the standard black and silver cars that whip around your average town.



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