Bugatti Chiron completely destroyed in a fire

The red / black Bugatti Chiron, allegedly owned by the artist El Alfa, from the Dominican Republic, suffered great fire damage while being parked in a garage in Miami...

Two shots posted on the Instagram platform show us a burned Chiron, parked right next to a black Ferrari model, which the fire, fortunately for its owner, did not damage.

The Chiron hypercar will need a new hood, bumper, wheels, side doors and windows, which are completely destroyed or have large black marks caused by flames. The French hypercar will require far more than simply painting and restoring the body to its original condition, because high temperatures have melted the glass, rubber, carbon fibres and plastic parts of all affected surfaces. Fortunately, the fire was extinguished before it engulfed the entire car and other models from its surroundings, which would then burn to the chassis.

There is no official information about this incident, but judging by the posts, this was not an accident and it is most likely an arson. The Chiron starts at a very nice price of $ 2.9 million in the Dominican Republic, while repairing this scorched model will definitely be very expensive. As a reminder, it is worth mentioning that the French hypercar has a quad turbo eight-litre W16 engine, which produces a massive 1,479 hp.

Although it has not been confirmed yet that this is a Chiron model owned by the musician El Alfa, the car of the same specifications was in one of his videos from February 2021, as well as in numerous Instagram posts. El Alfa also owns the light blue Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which was the target in the shooting range a few weeks ago. Fortunately, in both cases, no injuries were reported.

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