Fiat 525 SS VIOTTI

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More photos

Registered in 1930, displacement 3739/6 cylinders, lightweight frame and aluminum body.

It was manufactured in 1929 on FIAT's desire to build a sports car that could participate in the Cup of the Alps races. In 1930 the production moved to Carrozzeria VIOTTI which did some changes such as replacing and lowering the head of the engine, by splitting the manifold. 

It was designed by Mario Ravelli de Beaumont with aluminum body that was even lighter than before, with a bonnet stretched and considered the most beautiful roadster era. With this car they took part in the Cup of Venezia and consequently put into production, upon request from private clientele, towards the end of 1930. 

Current owners purchased in 1980 after lengthy negotiations and after the promise to bring it back to the original state. From research done it shows that in 1931 it took part in the Mille Miglia and various races but always with engine problems....set aside and abandoned it took several years for it to be fully restored.


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