Forget about leasing - the Porsche Drive app offers a new type of renting

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Enjoy a Porsche 911, Taycan and other models for one month, without paying extra for insurance and roadside assistance...

Porsche, in an attempt to expand its already impressive market presence and attract a larger number of desirable consumers, set out to conquer new territory when it launched Porsche Drive, a subscription and rental vehicle program managed via a smartphone app. Moreover, the brand launched the service half a decade ago, and the number of members has grown exponentially, along with the locations offered - initially, this service was only available in a few cities, and now it is slowly but surely conquering the world.

Vaughan Griffiths, manager of the Mobility Services division, said: "We looked at our product portfolio and realized that if the only way to get a Porsche car was through leasing or credit, we were missing out on a whole group of customers. During the first year of the program, we identified new potential customers, who were 10 percent younger than our traditional and leasing customers, which was great for the longevity of our brand. If we want to expand our product portfolio, we have to bring in new customers."

Models currently available via the app include the Macan, 718 Cayman and Boxter, Cayenne, all-electric Taycan, Panamera and, of course, select 911 variants. As for the reach of the subscription platform, more than 2,000 people have used it so far.

Once approved, members can choose a single vehicle subscription to enjoy for one or three months. Prices range from $1,700 (for the Macan) to $3,200 (for the 911) per month, while the multi-vehicle subscription is a flat fee of $3,600 per month activated. The cost also includes insurance, roadside assistance and maintenance.

"We joined the Porsche Drive program this spring," says Loren Castaños, general sales manager for Beverly Hills Porsche. "What I've seen with our clients is that we didn't have any relationship with them before. They come from all walks of life and different ages, but tend to be in the creative space and are more like nomads; they don't know if they'll be here long because maybe they're here on contract or something. Creative people like flexibility. . . and we're in Los Angeles, who wants a commitment?" Castaños went on to explain that the most sought-after Porsche Drive cars at her dealership are the 911 and the Taycan, which is no surprise as she notes that Beverly Hills Porsche ranks first and second in the country for sales of those model.

Overall, the entire Porsche Drive process feels seamless and extremely convenient, especially considering that after registering a specific car on the app, it's dropped off at (and picked up from) your home or office — a service that's free up to 30 km from the registered sales room.

"For our customers, this is a seamless experience and journey," says Griffiths. "Our concierges provide product knowledge, and dealership experts deliver and educate new customers, all to ensure their first Porsche experience is a positive one."

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