The Audi D7 concept was a part of Iran’s concept car exhibition “From Dream to Reality,” and it comes across as a flashy super sports car...

It gets a front mounted electric engine for power, but the most striking part of the design is its use of Neon lights, for not just a flashy body, but even for headlamps and tail lights. The collective concept car design exhibition titled “From Dream to Reality” took place at the Kamal Aldin Behzad Gallery in Teheran, Iran. The purpose of the event was to present the works and showcase the abilities of young Iranians graduated in Industrial and Transportation Design.

One of the Iranian student, Kave Naser Bakht, created the Audi D7 concept, a super sports concept car with an electric engine in front. Among the features are the charging crack on the nose and light belts around the car which integrate the headlights and taillights while forming the shape typical of Audi’s head lamps and grilles, thus making the car easily recognizable at night.



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