The Garia Mansory Currus - luxurious golf car for everyone who enjoys playing this game...

The Garia is the world’s first and only manufacturer of luxury golf and leisure cars. Their new Garia Mansory Currus is a limited to only 7 cars. The car is street legal in Europe. With two new Garia options which will soon be available on standard Garia models, Lithium batteries and Performace Pack, gives autonomy of 37 miles and a 37 mph top speed. Most of the body panels are made from real carbon fiber with visible weave which meets symmetric in the middle of the car. Seat and dashboard are made from waterproofed leather. The car is finished in a satin matte clear coat giving it a stealth and aggressive look. The Garia Mansory Currus has a new designed Dashboard panel with 3 unique features: Adjustable speed mode, adjustable regeneration and a built in refrigerator. It also has a stereo system. To enhance its sporty character the Garia Mansory Currus comes with an adjustable setting for motor braking and battery regeneration which can be done while driving, as well as a speed switch with different driving modes called Golf, Street and Race, which adjust top speed and acceleration parameters. These settings are unique to Garia Mansory Currus and are not available on any other golf cars currently on the market. The price tag for this Garia is $87,000, so who enjoys playing golf will have a desire to try this.



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