Incredibly Detailed Model of the Ferrari 296 GT3 is the Best Thing You'll See Today

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Each created model represents a flawlessly precise replica in 1:8 scale and requires 350 hours for construction...

Stripped of its hybrid powertrain components but equipped with intense thrust aerodynamics and custom-made hardware, the Ferrari 296 GT3 is a motorsport-focused variant of the famous brand's first series production car with a V-6 engine, the 296 GTB. However, the GT3 version allows amateurs and professional racers to experience the 296 model from Maranello in its fierce glory.

Now, enthusiasts who don't want to part with approximately $600,000 for a racing car (or those seeking a miniature reminder of their actual track toy) have the option to opt for the Amalgam Collection model in 1:8 scale. And, fittingly, the attention to detail seems as though it has been lifted from Enzo's own philosophy of creation.

The Amalgam creation makes a strong argument for spending money in the range of an economical car's price on a model. The Bristol-based company produces incredibly complex models in workshops in the UK, China, and Hungary. For the 296 GT3, it took about 3,300 hours to design and develop the tooling for production. These tasks included 3D printing, hand-finishing hundreds of samples, and mold production before the prototyping phase. Each 22-inch-long specimen requires approximately 350 hours of sanding, fitting, and painting. The result is an almost perfect replica that will make you think you're actually looking at a downsized version of the real vehicle.

The project was done in partnership with the Ferrari brand, which provided Amalgam with original CAD data of the car, color codes, and material specifications. The model stands with a convincing stance on accurately angled, Pirelli P Zero-branded tires. Every detail, from the Stäubli fuel cap and magnesium gearbox housing to the 2.9-liter V-6 engine (finished in Ferrari red), is a faithful reproduction.

Pull the little handle, and the light doors open to reveal a purposeful cabin complete with a manettino-equipped steering wheel, Bosch monitor, control console with buttons, and countless details such as individually stitched racing harnesses. Parts of the car are carefully finished, including CNC-shaped metal components.

Sandy Copeman, founder of Amalgam and Director of Brand and Business Development, stated, “Creating a truly detailed 1:8 model of the Ferrari 296 GT3 was a logical step for us. The car is a beautiful combination of gorgeous lines mixed with complex devices and details reminiscent of a high-quality watch. Everyone who has seen this model is thrilled with it.”

Production of the Amalgam Ferrari 296 GT3 is limited to 199 pieces. The model is priced at $18,090 in standard Rosso Corso color, but can be ordered in a customized configuration - allowing you to specify everything from the finish color to interior details - at a price of $23,520.

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