Lamborghini announces cutting edge innovation

Lamborghini has come to the CES 2020 Las Vegas event to announce its partnership with Amazon...

The Italian brand has become the first automotive marque ever to offer integration of the Alexa system within the Huracan EVO supercar. Integrating a voice assistant within an indigenous infotainment system will help drivers control the extensive list of in-car features using voice commands.

Lamborghini presented a video at the event, demonstrating how Alexa can be used to adjust ambient lighting, change climate settings, open garage doors, select playlists, customize HVAC options, and more. "In the future, we will be able to have a much deeper integration with driving modes of cars. We'll be able to ask the car to do something really specific. This way, drivers will be able to concentrate, look ahead and keep both hands on the wheel, “said Maurizio Reggiani.

The integration of the Alexa option is currently limited to the Huracan EVO model, but Reggiani says the next generation of Lamborghini models will also receive this technology and all its benefits. He also stated that the new Lamborghini model will have a hybrid powertrain, as well as deeper integration of Alexa with the system, which will allow control of driving and engine mode. Amazon Alexa will be available throughout the Huracan Evo range, which includes the nearly announced rear-wheel drive model.

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