Luxury Cars Like Migratory Birds: A Saudi Billionaire Moves His Cars to Europe

When temperatures in Saudi Arabia reach an unbearable 50°C every summer, billionaire and rally driver Yazid Al-Rajhi transports his Bugatti Chiron and massive Mercedes G63 6X6 SUV to Europe to relax in style...

Members of royal families from wealthy Middle Eastern countries know how to enjoy their vacations. When the hot summer season arrives, these super-rich individuals prefer to escape to various parts of Europe and enjoy the beautiful weather. To vacation in style and leave an impression wherever they go, they often transport their supercars and rare hypercars to tourist destinations in Europe, with London, the South of France, and Monaco being their favorite spots.

One such billionaire from the Middle East is Yazid Al-Rajhi. This 41-year-old businessman from Saudi Arabia loves to spend the summer months in Europe and transports his luxury cars to these countries via enormous cargo planes. In recent years, he has traveled with his Bugatti Chiron and Mercedes G63 6X6 – two rare cars that undoubtedly attract attention.

Yazid Al-Rajhi is not like any other Saudi prince. Besides being a successful businessman and entrepreneur, this billionaire is also an accomplished rally driver with serious credentials. Born on September 30, 1981, Yazid is the son of Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, a Saudi prince who, along with his brothers, founded Al Rajhi Bank. It is one of the largest Islamic banks in the world, with $49 billion in assets. While Yazid joined the family business early on, he began competing in the World Rally Championship and other international rally events in 2007. Not only is he a two-time FIA World Cup champion, but he also finished on the podium at the prestigious Dakar Rally in 2022. Yazid became the first Saudi and Arab to win on home turf in his class and the youngest competitor to win a stage at the Dakar Rally in 2021.

In 2022, images surfaced of his Chiron and six-wheeled G-Wagen being loaded onto a DHL cargo plane, ready for transport to Greece. The value of Yazid's Chiron model is estimated at around $2.6 million, and the car comes in a stunning two-tone combination of exposed black carbon and white. The Saudi businessman clearly loves the black-and-white combination, as seen on his massive SUV, also finished in the same colors. Mercedes produced just over 100 examples of the 6X6 G-Wagen between 2013 and 2015.

The bespoke vehicle is based on a six-wheeled military version of the G-Wagen developed for the Australian army in 2007. It was the largest and second most expensive off-road vehicle produced by the company at the time of its launch. Yazid's 6X6 stands out thanks to aftermarket Öhlins suspension. Imagine seeing them together! Most people would undoubtedly reach for their smartphones to snap photos.

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