Luxury Cars: Why choose a BMW?

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So, you’re ready for your next set of wheels?

Whether you’ve been saving for months or you’re only just feeling inspired to change your car, there’s a lot to think about before you choose the next one. From size and power to style and comfort, different features matter more for different drivers.

Knowing your preferences is one thing, but you should also consider practicality too. For example, if you live in or around London, you should check your vehicle for compliance with ULEZ regulations. Perhaps surprisingly, a BMW could tick all those boxes. Whether you’ve owned one before or not, it’s always worth knowing why these German cars make an excellent choice.

7 reasons why you should choose a BMW

1. High build quality

Throughout the years, BMW has established its reputation as a builder of high-quality, reliable vehicles suitable for both every day and performance driving. The cars are known for their powerful engines and high-precision handling, which combine in an almost unrivalled package.

2. Driving experience

Drive feel might not be important to every driver but, if it’s something that matters to you, choosing a BMW makes sense. These cars are designed with the driver in mind, offering a tempting cocktail of responsive handling, tidy steering, and powerful acceleration. If you’ve never tried a BMW before, you could book a test-drive with local car dealers in Leeds,  for example, to get a feel for these machines.

3. Advanced technologies

The mechanical excellence of BMW cars is further enhanced by the innovative technologies behind the wheel and on the dashboard too. Many models offer enhanced traction control and driver assistance features, including adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. As for entertainment, you can find plenty of BMW models with top-spec audio and navigation features including iDrive.

4. Unmatched comfort

It’s no secret that BMW make cars that fall closer towards the luxury market. Each model is designed to deliver as much comfort and convenience as possible, with interiors that feature premium materials in addition to top-spec technologies. Larger models, from the 3 Series to the X5, offer spacious cabins that provide more than enough room for passengers and their luggage.

5. Fuel efficiency

If you’re not ready to go all-electric just yet, BMW provide plenty of cars that could get you surprisingly far for your money – without being harmful to the planet too. For example, the BMW 330e has been listed as one of the best fuel-efficient cars on the market, delivering up to 300bhp and, thanks to plug-in hybrid tech, over 200 miles per gallon.

6. Attractive variety

BMW offer an impressive range of cars. Whether you’re looking for something to cover long-distance commutes or a large SUV to suit a growing family, there are plenty of models to choose from. And with any BMW, you can guarantee stylish looks, high build quality, and impressive details in design. The brand prioritises the production of vehicles that are not only stylish but offer an exceptional driving experience too.

7. Resale value

Finally, it’s worth noting that any BMW car should hold onto its value very well if it’s kept in good condition. Watching your mileage is always a good idea if you’re planning on selling any car. But thanks to the reasons listed above, the ever-increasing popularity of BMW models means that you should always get a good deal when the time comes to change your car in the future.

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